“The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.” (Psalm 12:6) Seven in the Bible is a number that often denotes perfection and completion. The goal is to encourage our minds to a higher plane than our human reasoning and and see how the risen Lord Jesus thinks about things as revealed in His Word, the Holy Scriptures.


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Bible Studies

20. God’s View on Today’s Israel
22b. A Mystery Revealed in the Ark
24. A Christian Carol
25. Bad News Good News
26b. What God Looks For In A Local Church
28. Christ in the Scriptures
29.Inclusive Diversity or Exclusive Singularity – Which Is Of God?
30. Relationship and Fellowship
31. Give Me Liberty
32. The Divine Plan Revealed in the Orderly Layout of the Bible
33. How Societies Fall and Their Only Hope
34. Paul’s 7 Revelations for the LORD
35b. The Building Blocks of God’s Gospel as Found in Romans
36. Zechariah’s Biography of Christ
37. 9 Certain Predictions That Can Give Believer’s Peace
38. The Three Aspects of Jesus Christ the Lord
39. The Progression of Regression
40. Sanctified By The Holy Spirit
41. Going Forward By Going Backward
42. Who Is He?
43. The Christian Declaration of Independence
44. The Church’s Calling In A Political World
45. Someone Higher Than Politics
46. Church For The World
47. Who Crucified Jesus?
48. Prophetic Evidences Identifying the True Messiah
49. Happy New Era
50. Discipleship and the Church
51. A Conservative Church and Western Culture
52. God’s Expansive Plan of the Lamb
53. An Effective Ministry
54. Climate Change and Faith in God’s Word
55. Genesis: The Marriage Pattern and the Church
56. Church History as Seen in Israel’s History
57. 7 Levels of God’s Disciplinary Love
58. 7 Fulfilled Prophecies of the Church’s Condition
59. Go Forth Therefore Unto Him Without the Camp
60. The Baby Jesus
61. So What’s New?
63. Holiness
64. Traps in the Christian Walk
65. Fire and Love
66. Faith Verses Unbelief
67. What Is the Power of His Resurrection?
69. The Fear of God
71. Is the Bible or Jesus the Basis of Our Faith?
75. Things We Can Be By His Spirit – That God Is
76. Successful of Faithful
77. Relationships
78. What Did Jesus Say?
79. Who Painted the Lights?
80. OT Books 6-10 of the Bible
80. OT Books 11-14 of the Bible
80. OT Books 15-17, 37-38 of the Bible
80. OT Poetry Books 18-22 of the Bible
80. 23-27 Major Prophetic Books of the Bible
80. 28-36, 39 OT Minor Prophetic Books of the Bible
81. 40-44 NT Four Gospels and Acts
81. 45-53 The First 9 Epistles to the Church
81. 54-57 The 4 Personal Epistles
81. 58-65 The NT General Epistles
81. 66 Last Letter – The Revelation of Jesus Christ
82. Hold Fast – To The End
83. The Mystery Phase of God’s Kingdom
84. God Sent Forth His Son
85. How Does One Become Saved?
86. What Is A Bible Church – In The Bible?
87. What Is It To Love Like Jesus Loves?
88. The Jesus of the Bible
89. How Do I Serve God Acceptably?
90. Do People Who Never Heard of Jesus Need Salvation?
91. Jesus’ Gospel Frees the Slave
92. Is the Church Called to Activism or Passivism?
93. Phase Three of God’s Wrath Is Here
94. How to Worship Acceptably?
The Dispensations
Exploring For Gold
Israel and Peace
Open Letter
The Divine Plan Revealed in the Orderly Layout of the Bible

The Lord

Who is Jesus?

The Gospel

The Problem
The Person
The Performance
The Promise

The Church

The Place: Where God’s People Come
The Place: Of His Name Alone
The Place: Of Learning Fear
The Place: Of Remembrance


Sanctification: God’s Behavioral Change Program


Prophecy Timetables
Christ Prophesies
Daniel Prophecy Chart
Revelation Timeline


The Spirit Made Me Do It
To Forgive or Not to Forgive
Water Baptism


Where God is Justified
The Ten Commandments of Truth

The Tabernacle

Going Forward By Looking Backward