“The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.” (Psalm 12:6) Seven in the Bible is a number that often denotes perfection and completion. The goal is to encourage our minds to a higher plane than our human reasoning and and see how the risen Lord Jesus thinks about things as revealed in His Word, the Holy Scriptures.

A Bible Tour

The Bible Mansion

Enter in the beginning through the Portico and you will be in the older section with its 39 rooms. As you look through the portals of time, history will come alive, as you see distant vistas of the beginning of the world, mankind, sin, the nations and Israel.

Come into the Art Gallery. With the Spirit as your guide you will see various portraits of God’s beloved Son. They are brushed with the colorful paint of life by artists such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses hanging in the frames of true stories.

Now step into the chambers of the Supreme Court. After the gavel falls, read the constitution of the rule of law for God’s servants, Israel, as one nation under God. You will discover that the source and author of morality is God. These holy commands were engraved on inerasable stone with the very finger of God Himself.

Progress on into the rotunda of the Hall of Kings. Open the golden leafed chronicles of Israel’s 39 kings. You will see some brought about the worst of times. Power and lust corrupted them and took their hearts far away from their God and destroyed the people. Others were involved in the best of times. As they sat upon the throne of the Lord they shepherded God’s people into His green pastures beside still waters. Notice one empty spot, the fortieth. It is reserved for their last king, the King of glory.

The next room with bottles of tears is a little Hospice. Those who suffer, find with Job, that a proper understanding of God is health to the bones and medicine for the heart.

A hush falls as you enter the grand Concert Hall. Listen as the Spirit sweeps across the keyboard of life and the strains of the sweet psalmist of Israel are heard. It seems every reed and organ of nature from the agony of defeat to the thrill of victory from the God of Israel finds expression in David’s tuneful harp.

Now sit in the classroom of the University of Proverbs. Learn from the wise that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Graduate courses are offered for those desiring to learn the deeper wisdom of life. The credit value is greater than silver or gold.

In the beautiful Chapel of Ecclesiastes hear the preacher who had all pleasure, power and prosperity, proclaim in the rich voice of experience, “all is vanity and vexation of spirit”.

As you pass under the shade of the banner of love you can hear the sound of music from the Song of songs in the Fountain of Gardens. You will see the beauty of the Lily of the valleys and the Rose of Sharon. Inhale deeply as the south wind awakes the pleasant spices. They send their fragrant scents in a wafting aroma that bids one to eat of the pleasant fruits that are sweet to the taste as romance is kindled in a never failing love.

Sorrowfully, there is a Funeral Parlor. Hear the weeping prophet lament in dirge-like wails with impassioned strains over the death of a city. It once stood so gloriously for the Lord and His righteousness but finally succumbed to sin in ghastly desolations.

The stairs above lead to the Observatory Platform of the Prophets. There are telescopes of various sizes, some pointing to far off events of tragedy and triumph. Yet all are concentrated upon the bright and morning Star of the Sun of righteousness that will arise with healing in His wings above the moonlit hills of Judea in a little town called Bethlehem.

Now we advance to the newer section of the mansion with its 27 rooms. Enter first into the Planetarium and see a spectacular cosmic event. Look, as Matthew, Mark, Luke and John witness in the eastern sky the appearance on earth of the bright and morning Star. Watch as that glorious Star goes out, disappears and then reappears. It then diffuses into a million points of light creating new stars as the Acts of the Spirit radiate into once darkened hearts – and the infant church is born from above.

Here is the Communications Station. Peter, Paul, James, John and Jude are penning their letters with unfading celestial ink directly from Command Central in the heavenlies. This solar linkup will guide the new stars as lights in the turbulent night.

Walk with awe into the Hall of Faith where the heroes and heroines of the grace of God adorn the eternal pages of fame and glory. They subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, turned to flight the armies of aliens and also endured unjust sufferings for a better resurrection. They had the courage to be a minority, not veering to the popular left or to the controlling right. They dared to believe God in the plain declarations of His Word though they could not see the results. They all see now.

There is a Bank you might want to visit. Peter will usher you in. Thousands of great and precious promises can be cashed by faith. Your heavenly inheritance can be claimed. You will rejoice that it did not fade away as all is safely kept by the power of God.

And yes, there is a Restaurant. The Head Owner invites you to open the door and personally dine with Him at His private table. You may feast on His delights.

Finally, journey to the High Mountain Top. See revealed from the towering, glittering peaks a panoramic view from the abyss of the lost to the eternal home of the faithful. See the day dawn, as there is no night there. Here you will witness a wedding of royal splendor as the King and His queen unite. He then sits enthroned over all the earth in the dazzling jeweled city of New Jerusalem. However, there is a valid passport needed to enter here. As you behold the King in His glory as the majestic Lion of Judah you will observe pierce marks in His hands and feet – for yes – He is also the Lamb of God.

At the end of the tour I cried:

“All hail the power of Jesus’ name!
Let angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem.
And crown Him Lord of all”.

The Tabernacle

Going Forward By Looking Backward