The Church

These Chronicles seek to explain the importance of the churches to the heart of God and to discuss principles and modern day issues relevant to a church desiring to serve and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

No. Chronicle Description PDF
1 The Place:
Where God’s people come
Teaches two sets of instructions concerning the believer’s position and responsibility: one, they are in something (in Christ) and two, they are to come together to a place (the local church) Download PDF
2 The Place:
of His Name Alone
Teaches that the local church is a place for sacrificing to the Lord, where all is done to please Him, not the public, the lost, the saints or self. It is His church. Download PDF
3 The Place:
of Learning Fear
Teaches that the local church is the place for the family to come to learn the fear of the Lord. Download PDF
4 The Place:
of Remembrance
Teaches that the local church is the place where the people of God come together to remember the Lord as He desires. Download PDF